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PNF 5:

Course Description: PNF 5 represents the 6th week of course instruction. It is the final course of the therapeutic IPNFA course curriculum series. PNF 5 is an advanced course which includes some necessary repetition of the content from previous courses on a more advanced level as well as advanced variations of PNF skills.

At the end of the course, it is expected that the course participants:

  • Demonstrate profound of knowledge: PNF literature, PNF philosophy, PNF basic principles, the effects of PNF basic procedures and PNF Techniques.
  • Exhibit familiarity with gait analysis, clinical reasoning, ICF, Motor learning and Motor Control principles
  • Demonstrate superior PNF-skills: – all patterns and combinations of patterns with the variations of the middle joints (including extremities, bilateral patterns, neck, trunk, scapula/pelvis);  all techniques; gait and other functional activities; vital functions and facial rehabilitation; application of irradiation as indirect treatment tool; adaptation of PNF tools (patterns techniques) to a specific clinical situation
  • Show proficiency in appropriate clinical application of PNF problem solving and treatment planning:  produce an adequate assessment and treatment plan in a timely manner; distinguish between relevant major and minor problems/goals; explain clinical reasoning from assessment to the treatment plan using the ICF-classification; select appropriate starting positions, patterns and techniques; demonstrate the positive approach during treatment that is based on patients goals
  • Demonstrate a PNF treatment; incorporate relevant tests for activity limitation and causal impairment; adapt the PNF treatment progression

Prior to the course the participants will be asked to do following tasks:

  1. Video recording of a patient treatment
  2. Written case study
  3. Presentation of a PNF relevant clinical problem (optional)

Note: The case study and video recording of a patient treatment (pre-course tasks) may be included for the final evaluation of the participant

All participants who successfully pass the course criteria will receive a written evaluation from the instructor and an “IPNFA certified PNF Therapist” diploma. 

Participants: Licensed Physical Therapists, Licensed Occupational Therapists

Prerequisites: Successful completion of PNF1 through 4B (or 6 month Vallejo program), a successful patient demonstration during the last
PNF3 or PNF4 course  and a recommendation from the PNF4B /Vallejo instructor

Hours of Attendance: minimum 37 hours of instruction

Course Rules:

  1. The minimum time period between PNF 4 and PNF 5 is 6 months, meaning that participants cannot take PNF 5 until 6 months after completion of PNF 4 (or 3B)
  2. The participant may not miss more than 4 hours of the course.
  3. The assessment of the participants is based on following: Written test, 10 – 15 minute patient demonstration,                and a 20 minute practical test on PNF-skills and problem solving abilities. Participants must score 80% on all tests to pass.
  4. All participants who successfully pass the course criteria will receive a written evaluation from the instructor and an “IPNFA certified PNF Therapist” diploma.

Recommended reading: Please check with each individual course organizer to determine if the IPNFA instructor has a reading list