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PNF 4A is the first of the two PNF4 courses in the IPNFA Course System. As an advanced course, PNF 4A emphasizes clinical applications of PNF with a specific patient population. The main goal is to offer a course which emphasizes the treatment of a specific diagnostic group using PNF. The content of PNF 4A is PNF specific assessment and treatment strategies for patients with a specific diagnosis or functional deficit. In this course, the instructor will do at least 3 different patient demonstrations from the diagnostic group or topic.  The participant will be assessed using written and practical tests with questions and tasks related to the diagnostic population.

Participants: Licensed Physical Therapists and Licensed Occupational Therapists

Prerequisites: Successful Completion of PNF 1+2, PNF 3 (or 3 month Vallejo program)

Hours of Attendance:  minimum of 37 hours

Course Rules:

  1. PNF 4A or PNF 4B course may be replaced by a PNF 3B course. See PNF3B for details
  2. The minimum time period between PNF 3 and PNF 4A is 6 months, meaning that participants cannot take PNF 4A until 6 months after completion of PNF 3
  3. Testing procedures: Written and practical test. Minimum score of each test must be 66%
  4. The participant may not miss more than 4hours of the course. Otherwise they cannot receive a course certificate.

Recommended reading: Please check with each individual course organizer to determine if the IPNFA instructor has a reading list