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Instructor Training

After successful completion of PNF 5, in order to proceed to IPNFA® instructor training, a recommendation “ready for Assistant Qualification Course“ (AQC)is mandatory. The supervising PNF 5 instructors will determine readiness to take the AQC course.

Candidates for the AQC course must demonstrate:

–          Excellent performance of all PNF-skills

–          Excellent clinical application of PNF

–          Excellent general knowledge: anatomy, physiology, clinical reasoning, motor

learning and motor control theories, gait, analysis throughout the pre-set tasks, during the  course work, and in the testing procedures

–          Ability to speak and understand English fluently

–          Superior social competencies, professional behavior, the ability to work in a team

–          Potential to teach others

Participants who are interested in pursuing the IPNFA® instructor training must first pass the AQC course to become an IPNFA assistant. Under the supervision of an IPNFA® Instructor, the IPNFA® assistant will assist in teaching a minimum of 5 basic courses and 3 advanced courses. The final qualification is the successful completion of an IPNFA® Instructor Qualification Course. Detailed information about being an IPNFA® assistant and the IPNFA® Instructor training is in the Members Area on the IPNFA® website.