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Instructor Training

After successful completion of PNF 5, in order to proceed to IPNFA instructor training, a recommendation “ready for Assistant Qualification Course“ (AQC)is mandatory. The supervising PNF 5 instructors will determine readiness to take the AQC course.

Candidates for the AQC course must demonstrate:

–          Excellent performance of all PNF-skills

–          Excellent clinical application of PNF

–          Excellent general knowledge: anatomy, physiology, clinical reasoning, motor

learning and motor control theories, gait, analysis throughout the pre-set tasks, during the  course work and in the testing procedures

–          Ability to speak and understand English fluently

–          Superior social competencies, professional behavior, the ability to work in a team

–          Potential to teach others

Participants who are interested in pursuing the IPNFA instructor training, you must first pass the AQC course to become an IPNFA assistant. Under the supervision of an IPNFA Instructor, the IPNFA assistant will assist in teaching a minimum of 5 basic courses and 3 advanced courses. The final qualification is successful completion of an IPNFA Instructor Qualification Course. Detailed information about being an IPNFA assistant and the IPNFA Instructor training is in the Members Area on the IPNFA website.