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IPNFA® welcomes new members. There are four categories of membership:

  • Associate members
  • Assistants
  • Instructors
  • Honorary members

What to do to become a member?

  1. Fill out the membership application form
    Please email with a completed application form that you find on this site. Together with the membership application please send also:

    1. a copy of proof of course completion
    2. the letter of recommendation from an IPNFA® Instructor
  2. Wait for answer
    After submitting your application, you will receive all necessary information on your email address containing:
  3. Fulfill all the requirements
    Read the application form carefully. There are requirements you have to fulfill if you want to be a member of IPNFA®.

Questions about membership dues payments:

  • Please contact the IPNFA® treasurer, Frits Westerholt, by e-mail:
  • The member is responsible for any bank charges or costs incurred.
  • We cannot accept any bank checks.