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PNF 3:

PNF 3 is an advanced course that includes review of the contents of PNF 1 & 2 at a more detailed level as well as advanced variations of PNF skills, including oral-facial applications.

 Course Description:  This course consists of 37 hours of instruction including 3 hours of patient demonstration by the instructor and 4 hours of supervised patient treatment by the participants.

The content focuses on problem solving through task oriented teaching methods. Participants learn to analyze the information obtained from their assessment using the ICF/ICIDH classification. This analysis will facilitate clinical reasoning and allow for a more specific PNF treatment plan. Upon completion of the PNF 3 course, the participant will be able to select appropriate PNF treatment activities and treatment progression. Problem solving will be based on the level of the Activity/Participation Limitation as well as the Causal Impairments. Test, re-test and the use of the PNF philosophy will be integrated into the PNF treatment.

Course participants will be required to demonstrate their skills through a written and practical test.

Participants: Licensed Physical Therapists, Licensed Occupational Therapists, MDs

Prerequisites: Successful completion of PNF 1+2

Clothing: Please wear appropriate lab clothing and shoes

Hours of Attendance:37 hours

Course Rules:

  1. The minimum time period between PNF 2 and PNF 3 is 6 months, meaning that participants cannot take PNF 3 until 6 months after completion of PNF 2
  2. PNF3 includes both written and practical tests: both must be passed by 50% to pass the course
  3. The participant may not miss more than 4 hours of the course. If participants miss more than 4 hours, they cannot receive a course certificate

Recommended reading: Please check with each individual course organizer to determine if the IPNFA instructor has a reading list

Note:  After PNF 3, the next course progression can be either PNF 4 or PNF3B:

  1. PNF 4: diagnosis specific advanced course (for example pediatric, neurologic or orthopedic). See PNF 4 for more details
  2. PNF3B:  same content as PNF3, but with a different IPNFA instructor; testing for PNF3B is the same as PNF4