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For course organizers

Dear Course organizer!

Thank you very much for your interest to organize IPNFA® recognized courses. IPNFA® really appreciates that you are willing to take the responsibility to guarantee the quality of the courses – according to the rules and regulations of the IPNFA®.  Please find below important points for the organization of IPNFA®  recognized courses.

If you need further information please contact the IPNFA®
the National Group or the IPNFA® Secretary

As you can see from this overview, the International PNF-Association (IPNFA®)
offers the following courses:


PNF Basic Course PNF 1 and PNF 2:
  • 75 hours (100 teaching units of 45 minutes) of instruction.
  • Recommendation: 2 parts of 5 days each. In consultation/agreement with the instructor, another set of days may be chosen.
  • The two levels of the course must be completed within 24 months.
  • The participants may miss maximal 2 hours (3 teaching units) per course level and still receive a certificate. If they miss more teaching units, they have to complete the missed hours in another IPNFA®-recognized course in order to receive a certificate.
PNF Advanced courses PNF 3 and PNF 4:
  • 37,5 hours (50 teaching units of 45 minutes) of instruction.
  • Above level 3 to receive a certificate, the participants must pass a theoretical and practical exam according to the Rules and Regulations of the IPNFA®
  • The Advanced Courses include testing and evaluation of the participants.
PNF 5:
  • Is organized by the Eduaction Committee and the Senior
    instructor group
  • Generally the senior instructors contact / choose the organizers.
Other Courses and Workshops

Some IPNFA® – instructors offer PNF introductory courses, PNF Workshops with specific topics, or PNF in combination with other therapeutic approaches. These workshops are not part of the IPNFA® course program and do not count as such. They do not underlie the IPNFA® rules and regulations concerning the number of participants, patient treatment times, etc. Please check with the individual instructor about the conditions for these courses.

All PNF courses include practical instruction, lectures, a patient demonstrations by the instructor,
and patient treatments by the participants.


Course certificates:
  • After each course level and when required, a successful exam as stated above, the participants receive a certificate.
Requirements for Instructors:
  • The Instructor must be IPNFA® recognized. Link to instructor training and addresses of the instructors
  • The instructor is responsible for the course content according to IPNFA® rules and regulations, and to bring official stickers for the certificates which certify that the course is IPNFA® recognized.
Requirements for Course participants:
  • Max. 16 participants with 1 instructor
  • Max. 20 participants with 1 instructor and 1 assistant  (IPNFA® recognized)
  • Max. 24 participants with 1 instructor and 2 assistants (IPNFA® recognized)
  • Max. 24-28 participants with 2 instructors
  • List of IPNFA® Assistants
Basic course (level 1 and 2) requirements:
  • All participants must be licensed, Physical therapists or Occupational therapists.
  • Physicians and occupational therapists may officially attend the course.
  • Physicians and other health professionals may attend (without certification) in agreement with the instructor.
  • Members of other professions are not accepted in the courses.
  • After the basic course, the participants should practice their learned skills a minimum of 6 months before they participate in the next course level.
PNF Advanced Courses (PNF 3-4) requirements:
  • Same as levels 1 and 2.
  • Prerequisites: Participants have a PNF basic course certificate from an IPNFA®-instructor at least 6 months prior to the advanced course or have attended the three months or six months PNF-curriculum at the Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center in Vallejo, California (see overview above).
Requirements for course organizers:
  • It is the responsibility of the organizer to check the requirements for the participants and
  • To make a copy of the diplomas and course certificates at the beginning of the course.
  • Participants who do not meet the requirements will be rejected and are not allowed to participate.
  • A large enough teaching room for the number of participants (recommended size 100 m2)
  • One treatment table per two participants
  • One chair per participant
  • Parallel bars
  • Minimum 1 exercise mat (1m widths) per two participants
  • Cushions, pillows, and bolsters for positioning
  • 1 beamer for power-point presentations
  • Possibility to make photocopies
  • 1 black/whiteboard (or flip chart)
  • In part one of the basic course, a minimum of three different patients are needed for demonstration by the instructor (1 hour each).
  • In part two of the basic course and in the advanced course PNF 3 one patient per two participants is needed on four successive days for one-hour treatment by the participants.
  • In PNF 4 two patients per two participants are needed on four successive days for one-hour treatment by the participants.
  • The patients may have neurological, orthopedic, traumatological,  rheumatological pathologies. It is recommended to have patients with different problems on activity or/ and structure levels.
  • The patient must sign a document stating he or she understands they are participating as a patient in the course, are ready to share their medical history with the therapists, and agree to receive assessment and treatment from licensed practitioners.
  • It is the responsibility of the organizer to have insurance covering all cases of liability of personal damage resulting from all course activities especially patient demonstration or treatment by the instructor or participant.