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Calling for registration in the 3rd IPNFA® 2022 Online Congress

03 September 2022

Dear PNF enthusiast,

in the name of the  International Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Association (IPNFA®) I am very happy to once again invite you to the annual IPNFA® Online Congress. As you might already know, your registration is FREE!

You can enroll now here:

We will have five lectures given by experienced instructors from all over the world,  from 12-17th of September 2022.

The schedule is as follows:

September 12th – Motor Learning & PNF –  “How can we use the knowledge about Motor Learning in PNF therapy”

September 13th – Step by Step – Gait Facilitation in PNF

September 14th – Parkinson’s Disease – PNF Tools for Treatment

September 15th –  PNF to Facilitate Breathing and Trunk Mobility:  A Relevant Post-Covid Treatment

September 16th – Treatment Approach with PNF in Patient with Spasticity

September 17th (at 15h -UTC +1) Live with all the Speakers and the IPNFA® President

You will have the chance to see how PNF is an updated and evidence based approach, which aims to help people to get a better quality of life.

The lectures will remain available on our platform, and they will be released one per day, so you will have the chance to watch them at any time of your convenience.

And, at the end of the week we will be Live with our speakers-instructors to answer any question you might have.

All lectures will be in English, but you can always activate subtitles (Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish).

After registering you’ll get all Congress’ updates and the links to access the classes.

So, don´t miss the chance to participate in this wonderful event!!!!

Best Regards,

Mônica Cilento
IPNFA® President